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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Call

It's 4 AM in India and 5:27 PM EST in America(PA).
Since morning I was completely upset, my mind was blown up due to different thoughts.A thought that was keeping no important for my life, for my work but,still i was thinking.Came to office still upset sitting in my cabin and doing nothing thinking about what i was thinking whole day.My HR came to my cabin and told me to edit some stories of a writer(I can not maintain the name of that writer because it is not allow in our profession).
Suddenly I got a call on my desk and when I picked the call i was amazed that i was talking to the same person whose book i was editing her voice was so melodious(perhaps Cleopatra sound was not so melodious in the Antonio Cleopatra).The second time in my life i was so amazed after listening such kind of voice first it was my sister Simran when she first time utter the word Bhaiya(Brother).
I request that sweet voice woman to come for video conference and i was amazed that she is just 21 years old girl and she has a great knowledge on Gita.I talked to her more than three hours and today she taught me about real meaning of life thanx to her who shows me the real meaning of life.

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